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The Band

Vocals: Selin Schönbeck
Guitars:  Dirk Baur
Guitars: Siggi Maier
Drums: Boris Kellenbenz
Bass: Alex Endress

We are the brotherhood. We are Legend. Let the story begin. 
We are Legend - Hungry mirrors
We are Legend - This holy dark 

We are Legend Discographie

We are Legend EP 2012

We are Legend EP 2012

Self published Demo EP

- In pale moonlight
- This holy dark
- God is dreaming
- Enemy within

We are Legend - Rise of the Legend

Rise of the Legend 2013

Published on Pure Legend Records

- Birth of the Legend
- Enemy within
- Only time can tell
- Rise of the Legend
- God is dreaming 2013
- This holy dark
- March of the living
- Out
- Hungry mirrors


Some reviews of our recent work
“...A double underlined Must-Have for all Power Metal/ Progressive Metal Fans. ”
“...Inventive Prog-Powermetal with multi facetted wealth, finesse, diversity and individual Note on Top-Level quality...”
“"...many bands with deal would like to have such a convincing Song material in they back hand ..”
“Uff! After listening to such an impressive performance, I need to sit. It blew me out of my chair.”
“Absolutely brillant!”
“Almost perfect..”
“...Probably the best Metal-Demo of the year...”
“...For me this is one of the best newcomers this year.”

"Best Metal Band"

"Best Metal Song"

"Best Hard Rock Song"

"Best Metal Singer"